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Loan readiness and qualification assessment is a process of evaluating a business's financial health and creditworthiness to determine its eligibility for a loan. The assessment considers various factors such as credit history, financial statements, cash flow, collateral, and the business plan to determine the likelihood of loan approval. This process helps businesses to determine whether they are prepared to apply for a loan, and if not, what steps they need to take to become loan-ready.

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Why Conduct a Loan Readiness and Qualification Assessment?

  • To determine whether a business meets the requirements for a loan.
  • To identify areas where the business needs to improve to increase their chances of loan approval.
  • To determine the optimal loan amount and terms based on the business's financial situation.
  • To reduce the risk of loan application rejection and damage to the business's credit score.

When to Conduct Loan Readiness and Qualification Assessment?

  • Before applying for a loan to ensure the business is prepared to meet the requirements.
  • When considering applying for a loan to determine the optimal loan amount and terms.
  • When seeking to improve the business's creditworthiness and financial health.
  • When evaluating the viability of a new business venture or investment opportunity.
  • When the business is experiencing financial difficulties and needs additional financing to stay afloat.

Benefits of Loan Readiness Assessment

Raise Funds

Loan readiness assessment is essential to ensure your application goes smoothly.  Whether you're a new or an established SME, acquiring a loan means you have the financial backing needed to grow your business.

Support Your Business

As a business looking for commercial funding, bank loans are one of the most accessible means of getting it. With our loan readiness assessment, you can ensure you meet the bank requirements and improve your chances of success.

Plan Smarter

Our loan readiness assessment can assist both banks and applicants, plus we can provide tailored financial advisory to lower the barriers to receiving funding. Leverage our good understanding of commercial lending to get detailed reports on the size of your loan.

Loan Readiness and Qualification Assessment

D-One's loan readiness assessment services assess and prepare SMEs to secure and manage bank loans through our expert valuation and comprehensive checklist of assessment metrics.



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