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    D-One allows you to seamlessly create comprehensive business valuation reports, loan readiness assessments and feasibility studies instantaneously using available user data, thereby saving you time and money.

  • Idea stage: This stage of a business is usually documented as a plan, meaning that it has not been developed in any significant way.
  • Development stage: This stage focuses on the establishment and building of the business through activities such as market and economic research, product development and launch.
  • Startup or Growing stage: At this stage, the business will have started generating revenue, breaking even, and increasing profitability.

There are several reasons people need a business valuation, these include:
  • Fundraising – banks, VCs, and angel investors
  • Selling or buying a company
  • Feasibility study and cash flow budgets
  • IFRS reporting: impairment testing
  • Managers performance review
  • Selecting and Shortlisting potential investments

    The D-one platform eliminates the need to learn company valuation calculations or waste time and money on bank loan applications or feasibility studies, thereby allowing businesses to focus more on their strategy. D-one has built-in valuation methodologies that make it fast, affordable, and easy for businesses to gain the needed insights without having to spend thousands of dollars on valuation reports. Our platform costs only USD 250 and provides an opportunity for 5 updates before issuing the final report. Your business data is always safe and well-protected on our platform.

  • They are technically capable but don’t have a financial background
  • Top tier financial advisories are too expensivest
  • Second-tier financial advisories don’t provide high-quality services and tend to charge a lot if they are good
  • Sharing a business idea or a business model could be risky as a breach of confidentiality is not uncommon
  • It takes 2 to 4 weeks to get a report from the advisor, with one or two times update (draft reports).

  • The platform eliminates the entrepreneur needs to learn financial calculations and allow to focus more on the business idea and product. The platform is constructed using the most used valuation methodologies.
  • A valuation by a top tier costs as low as USD 20,000 with a maximum of 2 updates before issuing the final report. D-one costs only USD 250 and provides 5 updates before issuing the final report.
  • Once the entrepreneur is done from entering data and answering questions a report is automatically generated with one click.
  • Need to add a comment about confidentiality and privacy

    The valuation results are as accurate as the assumptions and data provided by the clients. D-one platform does not perform an audit on the data entered and answered by the client. As such the valuation results represent the calculation of value based on the data provided. Should the client requirea full assessment of value, he/she needs to hire D-one on a separate engagement. A full assessment of the value of the business along a stamped report will be provided then.

    D-one will hold your Data and reports for a one year period from the day you subscribe.

    D-one will hold your Data and reports for a one year period from the day you subscribe.

    D-one will hold your Data and reports for a one year period from the day you subscribe.

Our system brings together financial data from both public and paid sources. Our sources, which are among the top financial databases globally, and our platform’s thorough research capabilities ensure that you receive the most comprehensive information and reports available.