D-one is the first online valuation platform in the MENA region, Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Our ambition is to address the market need for data-driven valuation and feasibility study services.

Our experience with valuation covers a wide spectrum of business stages across multiple sectors, including, but not limited to: banking, construction and contracting, real estate, telecom, investment and financial companies, manufacturing, oil and gas, hospitality, aviation, educational services, agriculture, and healthcare..

Our experience spans corporations and government entities of various sizes throughout the MENA region and we specialize in applying a tailor-made approach to each client. We are well versed in the challenges of requiring advisory and consultancy studies for starting and running business in the region including::

High fees by top tier companies
Unreliable second-tier providers and freelancers
Long time it takes to prepare one study
Limited times the investor/entrepreneur has to do test and change their assumptions
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